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Presented by State Library Victoria



You poor, wicked soul
The apples in your eyes have shrivelled to the core
No cloud will longer pour, cry pitiless tears
All signs have been made known

The beggars will be at your feet
But your iron pennies will burn their flesh
The priest prophesies amity
But his words and your ears will never meet

Sheets of white hang above your head
Volcanic flares bite, down in the depths
Disdain the shouts, but he will come knocking
Wrenching his heart out to you, screeching your name

Flee down the tangled road
Don’t turn to what you left behind
For what you will find will make you fall

And die



I loved the line about the words and ears never meeting, the imagery is amazing!

16th Jul, 18

Thanks so much! :))))

16th Jul, 18

What is your inspiration!? Poetry just isn't my forte

10th Jan, 19

I like a lot of poetry, some of them tending to be anonymous writers on websites or books I read from. For me, I love poetry because it’s a way to express intense emotions :D

12th Jan, 19